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Since 2014, our students have impacted over 1 million people worldwide through their award-winning documentary films.

Fresh Moves’ documentaries address bullying and racial disparities in society. These films won over 20 film festivals and reached over 100,000 children in India, winning “Official Selection” in the Chinh India International Kids Film Festival.

Sankofa’s documentaries speak to the importance of self-identify, truth, and reconciliation. These films touched home with the African American community, winning “Best Documentary” in the Capital City Black Film Festival (Austin, TX) and the Urban Film Festival (Miami, FL), and “Honorable Mention” in the Global Impact Film Festival (Washington, D.C.).

Capoeira’s documentaries take audiences on a cultural journey, from the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, to Brazil’s shores, drawing martial arts students from around the world. These moving films connect audiences to the Afro-Brazilian history, life, and struggle of the Capoeirista. These films won numerous film festivals across America. Most notably, the L.A. Dance Film Festival, The Universe Multicultural Film Festival, the Global Impact Film Festival, the Columbus International Film & Animation Festival, and the Short. Sweet. Film Festival.

Positive Results’ documentaries discuss substance abuse and effective ways of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS infection. These films follow two LGBT college students’ fitness journey, from the gym to the finish line. These films reached audiences across America, especially in Louisiana, Ohio, Georgia, and New Jersey

Soul Food connects to the hearts and souls of faith communities everywhere, showing the power of food and music. Its 2019 film Soul Food, featuring gospel singer Ameris Reid, reached audiences around the world, winning “Official Selection” in the Real-Time International Film Festival (Lagos, Nigeria) and the Australian Inspirational Film Festival (Wanneroo, Australia).

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